2019-ben a Juhari Zsuzsanna-díj különdíjában, 2020-ban, 2021-ben és 2023-ban oklevéllel jutalmazott tudományos és fantasztikus podcast multiverzum

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2022. június 09. - emTV.hu

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Who are you?

Some of our fellow citizens in their thirties and forties from a variety of backgrounds with an interest in science, especially science fiction films and novels, and who consider themselves to be well-versed in it: physicists, religious educators, writers and media workers, among others.

What do you want?

To explore the relationship between science and fantasy, and their impact on each other and on humanity, in the most accessible and entertaining way we can.

What is the Parallaxis Universe?

Parallaxis launched in 1999 and reimagined as a podcast a few years ago, is a science fiction and fantasy podcast universe based on a former science fiction and fantasy magazine, within which several ongoing or completed science fiction series have been and are currently being produced.

What are the themes of the podcasts?

In Parallaxis Podcast we focus on the scientific grounding of science fiction cinema, while in SzubZsáner we compare science fiction genre books and the films and series made from them. White Sam is a kind of nostalgic debating society, in which we discuss the science fiction and fantasy films of our generation, mainly released on VHS in the 80s and 90s.

Have you had any cool guests?

Countless it would be a shame to miss any, but we must. If we're just thinking about the podcast series we launched in 2018, we could perhaps highlight Avi Loeb, head of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, who may have actually discovered an alien probe passing through our solar system, but we also hosted Russell Schweickart, the Apollo–9 astronaut and pilot of the world's first lunar module. Not to be missed was Nobel Prize-winning physicist Brian Schmidt, who received a prestigious award for his work on the expanding universe, and last but not least, famus Hungarian popular science educator Gyula Dávid (aka. DGy).

What are your financial resources?

We do the Parallaxis Universe shows as a hobby. It couldn't be otherwise, as the amount of money we receive from community funding is very small, although we never fail to stress its importance and our gratitude for your support!

Why is the sound quality often bad?

Our technical possibilities, including the quality of our microphones, are very limited, but we are constantly trying to improve, and over the last four years we have managed to achieve a much better technical quality than before. But it is not only sound technology, content production also often requires financial resources, which we always try to find. We always try to improve the sound quality of programmes that have been restored or are newer, where the sound quality is poor.

Do you have prizes?

In 2019 we received a special award from the Hungarian Science Journalists' Club and the Hungarian Science Dissemination Society for the Juhari Zsuzsanna Prize, and in 2020, 2021 and 2023 we received a certificate of recognition as a high-quality blog from the Science Journalists' Club.

If you have any further questions, please contact us! podcast@emtv.hu

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